joi, 26 iunie 2008

The Palindrom Life - A Perfect Life

What will be the world if all the things around, would die first, then would grow up, and then would be born? A general view in this life is that about its bad end.

All of us know that after our life come something about nobody could tell us exactly how is it, and if someone try to do this, I think we won’t be able to trust him. Life is difficult, and it occupies the whole time. What do you receive at the end of the road? A death. This is like a bonus, a jolly-joker for all the obstacles you had to pass in the past. Let us to read inversely the cycle of our life and see what we obtain.

First you should die: no more fees, no more taxes, practically to get away from those who have a bright future “in their past”.

Then you should go in an asylum, where the others will take care about you. You will be evicted from there, “because” of the fact you are too healthy. You will receive your first old-age pension. Moreover, you will start working, you receive a gold watch in your “first” day as an employee. You build a family and you will see your children “decreasing” (getting younger). You will work for 40 years, until you are young enough for your first salary. You will start drinking, flirting, hitching, and you are ready for the high school.

You will study in the Gymnasium, then in the Primary school. In the end you will become a child, you will play street soccer, having no responsabilities. You will be a baby.

You will spend the last nine months floating, having all the facilities, room service, bathrooms.


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Anonim spunea...

Interesanta abordare a vietii, de la coada la cap, palindron..., iar moartea nu e sfarsitul drumului, dupa cum spuneai, trebuie sa fie ceva pentru ca energia se conserva. Tot efortul depus in aceasta viata va lua o forma energetica "zbura" :)